Guest Blog: Alicia from JustPark

Ever drive to a destination in good time only to find it nearly impossible to find a parking place? We certainly have.

With population in cities reaching record highs, parking and congestion are inevitably getting worse. The Department of Transport predicts that vehicle ownership will increase by 45% over the next 20 years. That’s a lot of cars!  Whilst there often is the option to park in a car park, prices can be prohibitive, especially at popular locations or for long-term stays; and on-street parking is a hassle to put it mildly.

Park at My house blog on Storemates Site

At ParkatmyHouse.com, we offer innovative solutions to tackle your everyday parking woes! Founded in 2006 and backed by car giant BMW, ParktatmyHouse.com allows homeowners to monetize their parking spaces, whether it’s a driveway that is always empty or a garage that is used only at select times.  And homeowners aren’t the only ones to benefit from this tidy second income. Many shop owners take advantage of the opportunity to rent out their parking spaces outside of shop opening hours.

For drivers, the savings are considerable. Spaces listed on the website are on average 50 to 70% cheaper than commercial spaces. This means that drivers parking their vehicles for extended periods of time near an airport or ferry port can spend more on their actual holiday than on reaching their destination. Also, many of our drivers simply appreciate the peace of mind that comes with having a pre-booked parking space at their destination, whether it’s near a hospital, a friend’s house or a train station. Match- and concert-goers don’t need to worry about being forced to park miles away from their venue. And for those of you struggling to find a space on the day, don’t fret! You can book spaces instantly through our iPhone app and mobile website.

Encouraging drivers to park off-street in homeowners’ parking spaces isn’t only about making and saving money. It saves drivers time and fuel, and helps reduce road congestion. Did you know that an estimated 30% of city traffic is caused by drivers looking for a parking space? Having a car parked outside your house also adds extra security, especially during the holidays.

So what are you waiting for? Join our global community of over 250,000 drivers and homeowners today!

ParkatmyHouse blog on storemates

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